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Natural Gas - clean, effective, affordable!

There are many benefits to using natural gas. Not only is it a clean fossil fuel, but it also burns efficiently, and is piped directly from a gas main to your property and the appliances that use it. You’ll never have to worry about running out or being home for a delivery. All this means that natural gas is an affordable and popular fuel.

When installed correctly, and maintained properly over the years, natural gas is quite safe. Our qualified plumbers are trained in the installation and repair of gas lines and can help you with setting up home supply lines, drop pipes and branch lines.

Gas leaks may be caused by damaged gas lines as well as loose connections to gas appliances and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, check the flame color of your furnace and water heater. These are engineered to produce a hot blue flame during the standard heating cycle. Gas companies add a chemical called Mercaptan to natural guess to make it easier to detect leaks. If you notice a rotten egg smell or the flames of your appliances are yellow, these can be indicators of natural gas leaks. Call your gas company or Grade A immediately!

When installed properly, gas lines and natural gas appliances are not only safe and effective but affordable as well. Grade A Plumbers have the right training and experience to install, replace and maintain your gas lines and appliances so you and your family can stay safe!

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